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New Workshops in October

Cinema Conversation Class


Each week students will be asked to watch a film.  Then, during the 2 hour class, we will first discuss the film (plot, characters, acting) and then read a scene from the film, analyzing the text and working on ways to vocally bring the script to life.  Finally, at the end of each class we will have a class discussion or debate about something cinema related.  (Do violent films create a violent society?  Is Hollywood racist? etc).  During the term, students will also be asked to write a short 3 page scene to be read out loud at the final class.

This cinema conversation will meet once a week Thursday evenings in Roll Cafe Madrid (Calle Amaniel, 23, closest Metro San Bernardo or Plaza De Espana). The price is 18 euros per 2 hour class which includes a drink.

Acting For the Camera Workshop

Prior to this 2 hour workshop, students will be sent two-person scenes to prepare and memorize at home.  At the workshop, we will start with a few acting games focusing primarily on Meisner and truth telling exercises. Then, we will film the scenes and give each other feedback.  We will talk about giving constructive criticism and how to observe and comment on each other's scenes.  Students will be emailed the videos of their scenes after the workshop to use as part of their show reel.
This Acting for the Camera workshop will take place on Saturday, 29th October from 4pm to 6pm.  The price is 15 euros per person.

For more information or to sign up, please send us an email:

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